The Bold Initiative : Plastics



By: B. Goode

There is a new global fad in town. No. It is not the facebook 10-year challenge where aunties and uncles show off their before-and-after looks on facebook.  It is the war against plastic straws.

From Singapore to Shanghai; from Kuala Lumpur to Katmandu; From the UK to the US, countries are banning the use of plastic straws.

However considering the fact that plastic straws only constitute about 0.01% of all plastic products produced, this war is at best, meaningless.

But it is a good start nonetheless. But why stop there? Why be good when you can be awesome?

Singapore should not merely follow what other countries do. We should be the trend-setter and blaze a trail that other countries could emulate.

  1. Ban plastic bottles and replace them with glass. Of course this will be more costly and inconvenient because glass is heavier and break easily. But hey! This is the bold initiative.
  2. A less inconvenient alternative will be aluminium/tin cans.
  3. Impose a high tax on plastic, so high that shops and supermarkets will have no choice but to pass on the costs to the consumers. Meaning, customers would have to pay for each plastic bags.
  4. Just as we banned smoking in public parks and beaches, we should also ban plastic bottles, cups, plates and what-nots from those areas.
  5. Limit the amount of plastic that can be used in packaging. Have you bought a packet of biscuits lately? You have the biscuits individually wrapped in plastic; neatly arranged in a plastic container; and the whole thing is then wrapped in, you guessed it, plastic.

The world is dying. Some scientists even go as far as to declare that the world is in its deathbed. The world is our only home. It is not like we can migrate to another planet.

So unless we take the bold initiative to combat plastic waste, there will no home for our children in the future.


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