News For Singapore

Editorial Board:

B Goode – The opinionated monkey

Arthur Ter Ah Kia – The Internet Pai Kia. He is really just a bespectacled mouth-breather.

Meena Current – Our resident lifestyle guru. We call her fatty.

Ben Afflicted – The hypochondriac.

Jennifer Ivegotanicename – Regular contributor

If you have any articles to contribute, feel free to e-mail us at editor@thesingaporebeacon.com. It can be about anything under the sun. We will retain the right to publish.

1 Response to About

  1. JC says:

    Do you really mean it? I am a genuine native Singaporean and ain’t a pro-PAP but a die-hard opposition with eccentric views not shared by many Sinkies. To me most oppositions are no different from the pro-PAP or clueless so to speak. My main weakness rotten English, but well read with wealth of information not from MSM but independent and progressive sources.

    I’m a retired engineer


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